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Safe Cosmetics Act of 2011 Introduced In U.S. House

28 Jun

June 27, 2011 www.safecosmetics.org
Dear Green,

Our hard work is paying off! This year, you and thousands of Campaign for Safe Cosmetics supporters urged the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to get cancer-causing formaldehyde out of Brazilian Blowout and other hair-straightening products.

And recently, you signed the petition to the Obama Administration asking for prevention to be a major focus of our country’s cancer plan (we joined our allies at the White House in May and dropped off all 73,000 signatures!).

Well, we have exciting news: you’ve helped build the momentum for Congressional leaders to reintroduce the federal Safe Cosmetics Act in the House of Representatives Friday.

This bill (H.R.2359) would give the FDA the authority it needs to ensure that personal care products are free of harmful substances like lead, 1,4-dioxane and chemicals linked to cancer.

Existing law, which has not been updated in 70 years, allows companies to use these and other toxic chemicals in products we use on our bodies every day. We know that the U.S. can do better to protect our families and to remain a world leader in the marketplace!

Please urge your House members to co-sponsor the Safe Cosmetics Act of 2011. Here’s how:

1. Email them using our easy form.

2. Call them. Use our Legislator Lookup, dial the number for your federal Representative (we’re not contacting Senators yet), and use the email text as a guide for your message to the staff person who answers the phone. Calls usually take about 1 minute, but they are really important!

3. Visit them. You have the right to meet with your Representative (or his or her staffers) to tell them that you want safe cosmetics. Check out our Legislative Toolkit to learn more.

Please take action and spread the word!

Thanks for all you do to make cosmetics safe for all of us.

Lisa, Mia, Stacy, Jamie, Marisa, Nancy and all of us at the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics

P.S. If you haven’t seen it already, check out The Story of Cosmetics, a short film that breaks down why we really need the Safe Cosmetics Act.

YOU did it!

Thanks to your support, Congress is now considering the Safe Cosmetics Act of 2011. Ask your U.S. Representative to sign on as a co-sponsor.

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Recycle, Reuse, Rejoice!


There’s Lead in Your Lipstick

1 Apr

There’s Lead in Your Lipstick

Toxins in Our Everyday Body Care and How to Avoid Them


ByGillian Deacon 

By the time she heads out the front door ready to begin her day, the modern woman has spritzed, sudsed and slathered herself in more than 127 different chemicals, many of them toxic.  Over 23,000 chemicals are registered for use in the Canadian market, and about 300 new ones are added to that list every year!  Many of the creams and potions we depend on are made with a staggering number of mystery chemicals, many of which are more toxic than beautifying.  The average woman eats a third of a pound of lipstick a year; that’s a lot of less-than-tasty chemicals to ingest!


So, how can you get smart at the cosmetics counter and go green from head to toe?  Eco-expert Gillian Deacon will help you identify and understand the toxins and preservatives that are bad for your body and damaging to the earth, including formaldehyde in deodorant, nail polish, soap, shampoo, and shaving cream; coal tar in hair dyes; lead in lipsticks; and many more.  Her tips will guide you through the minefield of the cosmetics aisle, helping you choose the best options to keep yourself looking fabulous while safeguarding your health.


Packed with over 200 healthy and eco-friendly personal care and beauty ideas, There’s Lead in Your Lipstick includes:


·         Toxins and preservatives to avoid

·         How to read ingredient labels

·         Fabulous products available to keep you fresh and glowing – the natural way

·         Luxurious and easy-to-make natural beauty recipes

·         Resource list


There’s Lead in Your Lipstick is an indispensable handbook of personal care choices that are sustainable, both for your health and the earth. 


Advance Praise for There’s Lead in Your Lipstick:


“Our toxic chemical exposure is nothing short of a calamity.  This book is essential to understanding what is at stake and how to make healthier choices every day – for the planet and for our families.”

          David Suzuki

“This book connects the reader to the issues and the solutions in an engaging way.  A can-do roadmap to a better and healthier life!”

          Dr. Rick Smith, Executive Director of Environmental Defence and bestselling author of Slow Death by Rubber Duck

“I love this book!  Thank you to Gillian Deacon for your bravery in writing such an honest and comprehensive book about what we need to know about the products we put on our bodies.”

          Stacy Malkan, co-founder of Campaign for Safe Cosmetics and author of Not Just a Pretty Face: The Ugly Side of the Beauty Industry

“This book just made me realize I’ve unknowingly been putting cancer-causing ingredients onto my head every day in my hair conditioner!  It’s also reaffirmed my love of cocoa butter.  A wake-up call to ease the chemical burdens on our bodies and our planet.”

          Sarah Harmer

“Gillian Deacon has given us all a generous gift: a comprehensive, exhaustive and timely guidebook to the Great Unwash.”

          Gord Downie

“Gill Deacon’s There’s Lead in Your Lipstick is a wake-up call for women of all ages to look beneath the gloss of the beauty industry.  Essential reading.”

–  Emily Haines

About the Author

Award-winning broadcaster and bestselling author Gill Deacon is one of Canada’s best known environmental advocates.  Gill hosted CBC television’s flagship daytime talk show, The Gill Deacon Show, and before that was host of @discovery.ca for five years on Discovery Channel Canada, and Discoveries This Week for Discovery Science Channel in the U.S.  Gill is the author and editor of Green For Life, a guide to making more environmental lifestyle choices; and co-founder of The Global Cooling Society, an event-driven organization that promotes sustainable lifestyle choices to young urban consumers.  Gill sits on the board of the Evergreen Foundation, and has served as a director of World Wildlife Fund Canada since 2002.  She lives in Toronto with her husband and their three sons.

9780143172505/344 pages/$26/OTPB

Publication Date: January 2011

Printed on Ancient Forest Friendly 100% recycled paper

Penguin Canada

Recycle, Reuse, Rejoice!

Incredible Edible Eco-Beauty

11 Jul

by: Rachel Sarnoff


Good enough to eat. We say it about dessert—and that gorgeous guy on the second floor who hoses off his mud-covered mountain bike in the courtyard on Saturdays.


But what about beauty? If you consider that 60% of what goes on our skin goes in our bodies, wouldn’t it make sense to use products that are safe enough to eat in the first place?

When we put our favorites to the test, we found that many of them are—technically—edible. That’s because they eschew parabens, phthalates, synthetic perfumes and other petro-chemicals in favor of truly natural, organic-whenever-possible ingredients.

Note the use of the word “technical.” Please don’t call us with a bellyache after you decide to make your face mask your meal: These products are formulated without taste in mind, no matter how safe they might be to ingest.

The Environmental Working Group shook up the beauty industry last year when it found that 60% of lipsticks contain lead, a known neurotoxin. Add to that the fact that the average woman eats about nine pounds of lipstick over the course of her lifetime—just from licking her lips. Ick.

That’s why we love Primitive lipsticks. Made with natural waxes, shea butter, vanilla extract and vitamin E, the rainbow of gorgeous colors in the Primitive line up is created exclusively from elements like iron oxides and carmine. Lip smackin’.

Cosmetic chefs David Parker and Margaret Skarin are organic beauty veterans—he as a NorCal spa owner and she of Blue Lotus Organic Skincare fame—but when the two joined forces in 2002 to create The Body Deli their goal was to take it a step further with products so clean you could eat them. Hence the refrigerators in their flagship Palm Desert, CA store—and the allegiance of local farmers in the California Central Valley. With a truly unique range of products for women and men—our favorite, hands down, is the ever-so-masculine, sandalwood-heavy, Spanish Fly line of scrub, wash, lotion and soap—The Body Deli truly serves it up. Take a number.

It’s seriously hard not to eat Bodykor’s Chocolate Macadamia Mask—it smells that good. Made with organic almond oil, antioxidant-rich chocolate, organic shea butter, macadamia nut oil and honey, among other natural ingredients, the hydrating mask penetrates without any greasy feeling, leaving skin soft and supple. Go ahead, take a lick!

Sweet Beauty takes the concept a step further, with an entire line of Theo Organic Chocolate spa treatments like something out of “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” only guilt-free. We’ve been addicted to their lip balms for years, but our new faves are Sweet Beauty’s Pot de Crème body creams made with shea butter and grape seed oils, which present a chocolate flavor base accented by rose, coconut, coffee or a double shot of cacao. Mouth-watering.

A pinch of salt highlights the sweet, and nowhere do we find this to be truer than in Golden Path Alchemy’s Kiwi Coconut Exfoliating Mask, crafted with brightening kiwi enzymes, antioxidant-rich coconut milk and acerola cherry fruit acids, complemented by Himalayan sea salt. Hand-made in small batches from USDA Certified Organic food-grade ingredients—many of them sourced from the company’s own organic farm in Montecito, CA—the entire GPA line is edible and based on the five elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Tata Harper wants you to feed your head. Or your face, rather, with her eponymous and uniformly edible line of unique custom skincare products, made with love on her organic farm in Vermont. The Rebuilding Moisturizer is a perfect example: Minus the superficial silicones that leave skin with an oily finish, Tata Harper Rebuilding Moisturizer includes naturally-fermented sodium hyaluronate and organic raw honey to protect from sun damage. Amazingly, Tata’s Moisturizer leaves the skin matte, yet hydrated.  Dig in.

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