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Neal’s Yard Remedies Makeup

9 Oct

by Paige Donner

Neal’s Yard Remedies, the UK-based natural remedies, skincare, bodycare and now makeup line, feels that the Tree is a perfect symbol of beauty: The roots represent our health/inner beauty, and the outer blossomings of gorgeous leaves, fruits and flowers are symbols of our outward beauty. That’s the logic behind their logo.

Neal's Yard Remedies Greening Beauty

So when they moved into developing their makeup line, after several years of careful thought and reflection, they knew that mineral makeup was the direction to go in.  However, based as they are on holistic and organic remedies masquerading as personal care products and skincare, they wanted nothing to do with the common additives found in many of the mineral-based makeups on store shelves today. One good example is talc and talcum powder. Believe it or not, many “mineral” makeup lines today use these as fillers to round out their color-based mineral makeup lines. But never NYR!

White Tea (Powder)

So what NYR did before ever launching their makeup line in any of their 42 U.K. stores (70 boutiques worldwide) was to do a fair bit of research focused around white tea and white tea powder.

NYR Makeup Greening Beauty

“Color That Cares”

Many of us know white tea as the super anti-oxidant we can sip, but what NYR lab researchers found was that white tea, ground up as a powder and used topically on the skin, also makes for a superb anti-oxidant ingredient and free-radical protector for the skin. So when you apply any of the Neal’s Yard Remedies mineral makeup, on face, eyes, cheeks and lips, you are actually doing your skin a favor by giving it a good dose coating of anti-oxidant and free-radical fighting White Tea.

Autumn’s new shades are gorgeous gem colors such as plum,  royal blue, blue bell and silver birch. When you add just a smidgen of water to your makeup brush, the mineral color makeup for your eyes, for example, goes on wet and stays on all day long. What’s more, these mineral makeups in rich and flattering pigments are the first makeup line to be Soil Association Certified.

On The Horizon: Soon to be launched – by end of 2012 in the U.K – is their new range of lipsticks in a range of luscious shades. And for 2013 they promise to have come out with a jaw-dropping, eye-popping fully-functioning, organic based mascara.  For U.S. customers, NYR lipsticks will be available by early 2013.

Never Tested on Animals, Fair Trade, Natural, Organic – Neal’s Yard Remedies


Birch Tree Trio Slimming Therapy

15 Apr


by Paige Donner

To celebrate the imminent arrival of beach season (in the Northern Hemisphere anyway), Weleda, the beauty company that has always been organic – since 1921! – has launched three new products on the market that, when used together as recommended, work to aid the slimming process.

These Birch Tree based products are to be used in tandem with a healthy exercise regime. Celebrity personal fitness coach Julie Ferrez (clients include French First Lady Carla Bruni and French President Nicolas Sarkozy) recommends a super-effective and not-very-time-consuming training circuit that you can do at home with a balance ball on your floor.

Ferrez, recently dressed all in Victoria Secret’s Pink workout wear (“I only wear U.S. clothes,” confessed this adorable and Top French fitness trainer) led a group of assembled journalists interested in getting back in shape before bikini beachwear season strikes again.

Fifteen-Minute Exercise Regime

First exercise: Start by sitting on the balance ball. (Easy enough, eh?!) Then as you walk your legs forward, the ball will sit on your lower back to mid-back. Your legs are now supporting your lower body. From this position, do as many crunches as you can (watch to not lift your chin too high!). Do at least ten. If you can do 30 or more until your muscles fatigue, that’s going to give you the best results the fastest. Do several reps of this.

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Asiane Spa In Alsace

15 Aug
Asiane Spa in Alsace - Greening Beauty

Asiane Spa in Alsace at Le Parc Hotel (****) - Greening Beauty

By Paige Donner [All photos by Paige Donner c. 2011]

Alsace is quickly becoming a spa destination. Long known for its excellence in hospitality and gastronomy, the Alsace region, nestled up against Germany and Switzerland on the Eastern border of France, is again distinguishing itself in the royal tradition of Black Forest cures and wellness retreats in the form of high-end and innovative spa resorts.

The Asiane Spa at l’hotel Le Parc (4 Stars) in Obernai is one of Alace’s premier spas. In 2010 at the 2nd National Conference of Spas held in Paris, it was awarded 2nd prize overall making it the top spa in Alsace.

iane Spa Pool and Buddha Door, Le Parc Hotel, Obernai, Alsace - Greening Beauty

Asiane Spa Pool and Buddha Door, Le Parc Hotel, Obernai, Alsace - Greening Beauty

It’s a slice of peaceful heaven nestled just above the delightful Alsacian village of Obernai, once formerly a royal city of kings, and just at the foot of the majestic Mt. St. Odile, patron saint of the picturesque village.

Current hotel director Maxime Wucher used his professionally formative years spent in the Orient as inspiration for the spa’s design and its thematic menu. The 500M2  spa flourishes four monumental doors from Rajasthan and a floor-to-ceiling carved wooden Buddha.

Each of the three treatment rooms transports you to a different continent – Morocco, Bali and India. The treatment menu is just as innovative, offering signature treatments from Hawaii, Asia, a Thai foot massage and the Royal Alsacien.

Spa director Brigitte Dutter regularly travels to Asia – Sri Lanka or Bali – where she reinvigorates her extensive massage and wellness training with deeper knowledge of the cultural rituals and traditions of the native massage techniques.

Asiane Spa at Hotel Le Parc (****) Obernai, Alsace - Greening Beauty

Asiane Spa at Hotel Le Parc (****) Obernai, Alsace - Greening Beauty

Asiane Spa and Fitness, Le Parc Hotel (****), Obernai, Alsace - Greening Beauty

Asiane Spa and Fitness, Le Parc Hotel (****), Obernai, Alsace - Greening Beauty

Massage Menu

The Royal Alsacien lasts 60 minutes and commences with a body scrub of fine gravel. The gravel soil is native to Alsace and is the natural terroir of the Riesling and Gewürztraminer grapes grown in the region. A relaxing full-body massage follows the scrub, using the custom-made Le Parc treatment creams, in this case the shea butter based and all natural crème Royale Alsacienne made with the aromatic and healing plants of the Vosges valley.

Book your spa day now… l’hotel Le Parc’s indoor and outdoor pools, combined with their infrared treatment cabin, sauna, steam rooms and essential oil jet baths, make it a full-day wellness treatment guaranteed to rid you of toxic stress. Couples massage by request. http://www.hotel-du-parc.com/


Six Senses Spa, Paris

7 Feb

by Paige Donner

The cocoons that Parisian architect Pierre David designed for the smallest of all the Six Senses spas are made from hand shaped light oak wood and are lined inside, like a Japanese lantern, by back lit paper. There are 4 single treatment cocoons and two for couples. There is no more ideal setting to receive a Paris Rooftop Honey Facial than inside one of these terrestrial cocoons. 

A couple of blocks down from the bejeweled Place Vendome and a few up from the gorgeous Tuilieries Gardens, you will come upon the door of the Six Senses Spa. The first thing that strikes you as you ring their bell, will be the vertical planted “Living Garden” wall that hugs the polished wooden stairway leading down to the spa treatment area.
Living walls have become popular indoor and outdoor urban features and not just in Paris. The Quai Branly Museum boasts a living wall on its exterior, and the Six Senses Spa boasts a living wall on its interior. You are immediately sealed off from the brouhaha of the busy Parisian street as the glass door is opened by remote pushbutton and you are welcomed into the warm and inviting sensorial spa waiting for you at the foot of the stairs.

The Living Wall is an important statement for Six Senses and goes well beyond a simple design choice. The entire philosophy of Six Senses spas are: SLOW LIFE. Sustainable Local Organic Wholesome. SLOW. Learning Inspiring Fun Experience. LIFE. The husband and wife team, Eva and Sonu Shivdasani who created Six Senses have embraced their service mantra, “Atithi Deva Bhava.” It means Guest is God in Sanskrit and they have scented their entire operation with that philosophy.

Hence, the Living Wall that is the first visual to greet you upon entry at rue Castiglione, Paris was chosen with the mindfulness that nature receives you into this oasis of wellbeing and healing. The Vertical Garden helps eliminate CO2 emissions and other toxic elements as well as being a refuge for biodiversity. On a subliminal level, the wall instantly signals to you that you are now in nature’s care and that more than just your physical beauty will be looked after.


Six Senses Spa rue Castiglione is a Green Globe Spa. Furthermore, it is most definitely a luxury, urban sanctuary.Green Globe Spa Key Benchmarking Criteria: Environmental Policy; Energy
Consumption; Water Consumption; Waste Production; Social Commitment; Paper Products; Pesticide Products; Cleaning Chemicals; per Treatment Hours... READ Complete Article on Bonjour Paris






2Moss Hair Spa Gives Good Hair Therapy

30 Sep

By Paige Donner

“When a woman walks into a salon, usually she’s asked ‘Cut or color?’ When a woman walks into 2Moss, we ask her, ‘What shall we do today for the beauty and health of your hair?”

So explains Mme. Elyane Moschos, the petite Parisian whose vision to create a line of natural hair care products devoted primarily to the health and overall well-being of a person’s head of hair led her to also develop this Hair Spa concept, 2Moss.

Truly apart from any hair salon I’ve ever had the occasion to visit, L’instant 2Moss is billed as L’institut du Bien-Etre et de la Beaute du Cheveu. In translation that means, Institute for the Beauty and Well-being of Your Hair. Everything that happens here is about your hair, from roots to tips.

Hair Therapy

What makes it so different? First of all, when you arrive, you are welcomed into your own private Spa room with dimmed lights and the faint aromatherapy from the salon products themselves – elegant, clean with a slight hint of peppered fruit, macadamia and Rosier Muscat. You are asked to disrobe from the top up and given a comfortable, draping cape to put over yourself as you sink into the specially imported massage chairs from Japan and prop your feet up on the elevated footrest.

L’instant Absolu is one of the 2Moss hair spa services designed to invite you in to a deep hair therapy session and still get you out in time to get back to work or pick up the kids after school. The session itself is 45 minutes and consists of a generous application of 2Moss deep conditioning oil treatment followed by a head, neck and shoulder massage. Once the oil has really penetrated deep into the scalp and roots, your chair is reclined and your neck is placed into the salon sink where your hair is washed not once, but twice, and followed by another deep application of conditioning treatment which is left on your hair as your head is wrapped in a warm towel. At this point, the esthetician asks, what type of tea would you like? The whole treatment is finished up with a Blow-dry done so expertly that it looks like you’ve just spent the last 4 hours at the salon instead of the 1 hour and 10 minutes that has actually passed.

Just now at the start of the Paris Spring/ Summer Fashion Shows 2010, and I can think of a couple dozen hundred women who could use some serious hair therapy. Honestly, this is the type of head therapy that can really make you feel lots better – instantly. Beauty industry experts frequently ask women what is the one beauty treatment that makes a woman feel more beautiful right away? Nails? Facial?…Hair always comes out the winner. A woman feels beautiful when she feels well-coiffed. 2Moss takes it that much farther, making you feel well-cared for all the way down to your roots…and beyond!

Women who work under the lights, such as runway lights and film and TV set lights – models and actresses – know all too well the daily stress put on their hair from the constant blow-drying, the silicone infused products, the ammonia coloring, the pulling, the lacquering, the burning heat. We submit to this in order to look presentable, in order to feel beautiful.

L’instant 2Moss offers us another way to feel beautiful, from the inside out. You may walk into the spa (I hesitate to use the word salon as this is really more of a spa ritual, for the hair) with fried ends and lifeless hair, but you will walk out with ends that are supple, glossy, a scalp that is revitalized and a temptingly soft, touchable, bouncing head of hair. No cut, no color required, though, of course, optional. Ahead of the curve in the organic and natural beauty product trend, one line of the 2Moss shampoos and conditioners are developed for those of us who have roots that tend toward oily but ends that tend toward dry.

“We took the concept of a natural products-based hair salon and went just that much further,” explains Moschos, who first developed her EcoCert and CosmeBio certified products in 2002. She began by offering her line, two types of shampoo – Moisturizing and Moisture Purifying, two types of deep conditioners – Moisturizing for the tendency toward dry hair and Moisture Purifying for the oily or mixed hair, an oil deep penetrating treatment and a day cream, to existing salons and spas such as Termes de Monaco. She saw quick success with her line; So much so that she opened up her own Institute in 2007 in central Paris near the Madeleine.

The Institute For The Beauty and Well Being of Your Hair (L’institut du Bien-Etre et de la Beaute’ du Cheveu) is tucked away in a little pedestrian zone that is reminiscent of the small squares you find in the south of France. The Paparazzi Cafe is just across from 2Moss which is slightly ironic as this is one of those places where a celebrity would surely feel protected and tucked away. 2Moss has also graciously remembered to include men into their spa services with an offering called Bonne Mine and have also developed one for young mothers called Jeune Maman. Their must-have product is the Crème de Jour which Moschos recommends using on your hair as you would a daily cream on your face. Not difficult to do as it smells intoxicating, it’s 99.18% natural ingredient based, and it instantly repairs dry ends. L’instant 2Moss, a jewel of a Hair Spa…in Paris.5, Square de L’Opera Louis Jouvet, 75009 Paris, between the theatres Edouard VII and The Athenee

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Melvita GiveAway! $50 Worth of Products On Greening Beauty And Greening Hollywood!

21 Sep


REGISTER NOW and you will get a chance to win a $55 value Melvita organic beauty set. – Click on LINK to Go To Sign Up Page ENTER Code: GreenBlogger

– Rose Floral Water 6.76 fl oz:
Extracted by distillation of organic rosa damascena and naturally rich in active ingredients, rose water is often recommended for delicate skin.  It acts as an astringent, helping to regulate sebum secretion while alsopreventing the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

– Rose Nectar Day Cream 1.76 fl oz:
This light and comfortable day cream revitalizes and rejuvenates skin.  With the active ingredients contained in roses, it delivers an exceptional symbiosis of benefits with the repairing qualities of Moroccan rose,soothing Iranian rose flower waterrejuvenating rose hip oil from Chile and revitalizing rose seed milk.

TO WIN $55 Worth Of Melvita Products, GO TO This Page and Enter Promo Code GREENBLOGGER


Founded in the Ardèche, France by beekeeper and biologist Bernard Chevilliat in 1983, Melvita (meaning “honey and life” in Latin) has always been a passionate advocate for the complete organic lifestyle. Each of Melvita’s products carries the prestigious ECOCERT certification, certifying its products are organic and ecological, including packaging and company practices. Melvita offers skin, hair and personal care for the whole family as well as nutritional supplements and its own line of organic honey, that retail between $3 and $56.

For more information and to view an inspirational video that explains the heritage and mission of Melvita, visit http://usa.melvita.com




Melvita, a pioneer in organic beauty and the number one ECOCERT certified line from France has created a complete collection of organic skincare products designed for acne prone skin. Using, lavender and additional complexion saving ingredients, such as birch and peppermint, Melvita’s Young Skin products, treat oily skin, leaving it clear and radiant.

When used together, the seven Melvita Young Skin products are designed to restore skin to its healthiest state. Excess surface oil is reduced, skin is purified, lightly hydrated and left feeling refreshed. Cleanse, tone and hydrate twice daily, and incorporate the treatment products as needed to control breakouts and keep pores clear.

Foaming Gel

Birch, lavender, zinc – Cleansing $18.00 for 200ml

This foaming gel combines the regenerating, purifying properties of zinc and lavender with the powerful rejuvenating qualities of tea tree to clean the skin deep down, while birch sap and witch hazel moisturize and soften the skin.

Skin Tonic

Birch, rice, peppermint – Matte effect $18.00 for 200ml

This lotion combines the astringent properties of lavender and witch hazel with peppermint to clean and refresh the skin. Rice powder gives the skin a matte, velvet finish, while birch sap, honey vinegar and agave syrup gently purify and moisturize.

Sebum Balancing Fluid

Birch, yogurt, willow – Moisturizing $29.00 for 50ml

This light, non-greasy moisturizer helps balance the skin by reducing oil production. Specifically designed for skin that suffers from blemishes, this rich lotion contains aloe vera to help return the skin to normal, and uses birch to treat blemishes. A combination of yogurt, and ginger help to make the skin less reactive while the zinc, will and rice powder create a matte finish on the skin’s surface.

Perfecting Cream

Birch, goji, AHA – Radiant complexion $29.00 for 50ml

This light, repairing cream is a technically sophisticated care product that offers oily and combination skins greater radiance, comfort and protection. A natural, gentle complex of AHA (fruit acids) stimulates skin renewal and helps enhance the radiance of the complexion, while goji berries from the Himalayas, raspberry pip oil, and green tea help to transform and protect the skin. Melvita Perfecting Cream can also be used after cleansing to boost the effectiveness of any daily moisturizer.

Facial Scrub

Argan, propolis, cistus – Cleansing $20.00 for 100ml

This foaming, cleansing scrub combines argan nut powder, birch sap and silica to thoroughly eliminate impurities and dead cells. Added citrus and litsea essential oils, along with propolis and calendula, purifies and refines the skin.

Clay Mask

Clay, copaiba, sage, ginger – Purifying $22.00 for 100ml

This purifying, repairing mask combines the absorbent action of white clay (15%) with the purifying properties of sage, tea tree, zinc, wasabi and copaiba balm. The combination of ginger and orange moisturize and sooth the skin.

Anti-Blemish Roll-On

Honey, Hyaluronic Acid – Extra Dry Skin $15.00 for 5.5ml

This anti-blemish care product contains a powerful combination of purifying essential oils (tea tree, citrus, sage, lavender, lime, rose wood, peppermint), skin repairing schisandra berries, tepescohuite bark and propolis, and comforting ginger and birch sap.

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French Eco Beauty Secrets

6 Sep

By Paige Donner

Beauty Secrets from France’s “Biotiful” People…


“Silky-young to the touch”

Far and away one of the most delightful and dedicated organic skin-care lines to come out of France is Iroisie. Founders Anne Bontour and Jean-Francois Cabos have just launched their product line in the U.S. Lucky US!

Creator Anne Bontour was inspired to create a beauty care line from the natural potions and beauty remedies she remembers both her grandmothers habitually dreaming up when Anne would spend summers with them at the Mer d’Iroisie in France’s northern Brittany. She infused one grandmother’s passion for ingredients from the Sea with the other’s passion for ingredients from the “campagne” and voila’, Iroisie was born. “As ‘homemade’ beauty preparations were my childhood universe, I came up naturally with the idea of developing a real skincare line using both of these two treasures, treasure from the sea and treasure from the earth,” reminisces Bontour, a former model.

Iroisie Creator Anne Bontour

There was never a doubt in her mind that the line would be entirely organic, as organic has long been her life philosophy.  Bontour also maintains that all her products had to smell good, to be inviting to use everyday not just for their efficacy but for the pleasure of texture and scent.

The French seem more fond of using nourishing and hydrating oils for both skin and hair. When the oils are 100% organic and natural-based, the absorption into the hair and skin follicles is efficient and leave no trace of oil residue – just silky soft skin and hair!



Iroisie Anti-Aging Apricot Body Oil

We are a big fan of Iroisie’s Apricot Body Anti-Aging Oil. The scent is ravishingly delicate – sun-kissed and clean with that hint of “Provence” that reminds you of warm summer days and langorous home-from-the-beach afternoons.

Its precious ingredients are Apricot, Ylang-ylang, Avocado, Cranberry, and Seaweed Extract. The oil is naturally concentrated in A, B and E vitamins and in essential fatty acids.

Iroisie Slimming Oils and Serums

French women are also known for their sleek and slim bodies. Iroisie can help you achieve this beautiful silhouette with several of their products designed to reduce cellulite and help the body rid itself of toxins.

L’HUILE MINCEUR: SLIMMING OIL: reshapes the body

Results of clinical studies : 95% more beautiful skin; 95% more toned skin

Precious ingredients : Slimming spices bio-complex


This fresh and non greasy serum is specially designed for fast and efficient slimming.

Results of clinical studies : 98% smoother skin; 78% reduction in “orange peel” skin.

Precious ingredients :Guarana – Sandalwood – Slimming seaweed bio complex

Nourished, Protected, Respected

Iroisie skincare sources its precious ingredients from the rarest of the oceans, obtaining its raw marine materials from protected natural places classified by UNESCO. The UNESCO’s Man & Biosphere program has given Iroisie express permission to harvest the seaweed from the Iroisie Sea, a protected UNESCO site, on condition they do so with total respect for and in harmony with the ecosystem. Thus, they “harvest seaweeds from May to October and only by hand to keep the roots alive.”

These precious ingredients yield extraordinary properties. For example, these marine sourced active ingredients have a concentration 20 times higher for natural anti-oxidants, 80 times higher for calcium and 35 times higher for iron than the active botanical agents commonly used. Iroisie’s active plant ingredients are harvested only from the best organically farmed plants and also in a sustainable way. Their ingredients are culled from crops yielding the highest concentrations in essential nutrients such as vitamins, restorative minerals, trace elements, amino acids, omegas 3, 6 and 9 and powerful anti-oxidants chosen specifically for their optimal performance with skin cell metabolism.


Exceptional concentration of active marine ingredients allows rapid actions of draining and slimming.

Precious ingredients : Rose – Peppermint – Bitter orange – Seaweed extracts

Iroisie’s full line of skincare luxury items include facial firming care for face and neck, Botanical Anti-Wrinkle Smoothing Care, Instant Beauty Fresh Mask, Gentle Facial and Eye Cleanser Gel…in other words, you will find a perfect solution for all your skin needs, face and body, with Iroisie. Their white and gold packaging is elegant and understated…and ever so chic!

Organic – EcoCert – Certified

Each Iroisie product is certified organic by Ecocert, Europe’s Top organic certification body which maintains the strictest of standards. All Iroisie products are formulated without parabens, silicones, chemical preservatives, mineral oils, synthetic fragrances/colorants animal extracts, phenoxyethanol or GM ingredients. Iroisie is pleased to gurantee the origins of all their skincare ingredients.

For product and  information: www.iroisie.com 346 rue Saint-Honoré 75001 Paris


Relatively new on the Eco Beauty scene is ekia, the French beauty care line by Carine Mudry, a veteran of l’Oréal, who launched her new regime based on two primary principles: 1. exquisite care for mature skin 2. All organic to the highest standards.

So far? Success! Since only April 2009 have the ekia products been on the market in France and already they are carried in major natural beauty care retail outlets throughout Paris and the Provence. Two new products that ekia introduced just this summer are both targeted towards the fragile skin surrounding the eyes: Le Gel Lift Paupières and Le Baume Regard.

Le Baume Regard is formulated to revitalize the eye area and can be used to stall the signs of aging in the skin that can surface around the eye area from many factors – not just age – such as stress, fatigue, free radicals, smoking, sun over-exposure and other damaging environmental conditions for the skin. Le Gel Lift Paupieres is a serum formulated to firm and lift the eye area. It works immediately upon application, its concentrated formula giving the eye area a brightening effect that seems to magically remove signs of fatigue. These two products can be used individually and have also been designed to work together. First apply the Gel Lift serum to the eyelids, wait one minute to allow for penetration, and then finish the application to the surrounding eye area with Le Baume Regard. Using the products like this allows for perfect synergy in the ingredients.

Dragon’s Blood

What is ekia’s “magic ingredient”? It is nothing less than the mythical-sounding “dragon’s blood” or “Sang du Dragon”(in French) which comes from the sap of a tree in the Amazon. This ingredient has been proven to boost cellular regeneration by 40%. The sap is particularly interesting for the skin around the eye area because it is anti-inflammatory and it is rich in polyphenols and anti-oxidants.

Click Here for 15% off your next purchase of ekia skincare products. Must mention Greening Beauty, Greening Hollywood or Green Blog Network.

In fact, most of the ekia skincare line has at the heart of its ingredient recipe, this Dragon’s Blood, derived from the Croton Lechleri tree in South America. The sap from this tree has been used for thousands of years by the local population to treat all kinds of external and internal ailments, including ulcers.

Organic Skincare That Works

Ekia is one of those rare natural-based, organic skincare lines that has proven its efficacy with clinical tests. The line went so far as to test each line of its products on 150 women, all of whom were 50+ years old over a period of three months. They documented the product’s results using an independent dermatologist and close-up photography that used no lighting effects or photoshop retouching. The positive results on the women’s skin are clearly visible.

Ekia Skincare comes in three main lines: Crème Initial – stimulating; Crème Intense – Restorative; and Crème Extreme – Revitalizing. In Paris and throughout France you can find the line in all the top organic beauty retail outlets. You can also find it at: www.ekia-cosmetiques.com.


Around since the early 90’s, “Nature at Heart,” Melvita is France’s organic beauty brand that has been doing beauty naturally long before green was seen as glam! Walking into a Melvita Natural Beauty boutique in Paris or anywhere in “provence” and you instantly fee like you’re on safe ground.

There is also no lack of choice for products. Whatever beauty care need you might have at the moment, Melvita has a solution for you. Dry skin?Try any of their range of face and body skin care products. A couple of our favorites are the aromatic, smelling-of-provence-herbs Melvita Naturalift® crème anti-age certified cosmetique-bio; also their Huile d’Onagre which is wonderful as a decollete’ treatment. Determined to use only a natural-based deoderant for health and beauty reasons? Melvita has a range of affordable, effective and good-smelling deoderants. Shampoo? What a selection! Conditioner without parabens? How many types and scents are you willing to try in one go?

Melvita Store in Newport Beach, California's Fashion Island now open. Also find the Melvita shop in San Francisco!

Melvita is the affordable and truly organic line of beauty and personal care products that you would expect to find at your neighborhood Whole Foods store or the Organic section of your local market. Its fresh, white and green packaging is easy to spot and also made from recycled materials.

Melvita's Argan Oil is one of France's best sellers and an Eco Beauty Secret French women adore!

So how did Melvita craft such a loyal brand following ages before “paraben” became a dirty word in the beauty industry? Simple: Dedication to organically sourced products and clean, fresh ingredients. When you use a product stampled with the Melvita brand, you can be sure that:

  • A Minimum of 95% of the total ingredients are natural.
  • A Minimum of 95% of the plant-based ingredients are organic
  • A Minimum of 10% of the total formula is organic

“We adhere to these standards with passion and conviction,” commented a Melvita spokesperson when Greening Hollywood spoke to him about the EcoCert certification processes and standards. Melvita carries the EcoCert label, one of the strictest organ

ic certification labels anywhere, not just in Europe. EcoCert demands the above minimum requirements be met for any beauty and personal care products it certifies. They also oversee and monitor the application of the label CosmeBio so that it is only applied to those products that meet the strictest ecological production and organic formulation.

“An article came out on June 21st in Inside Cosmeceuticals that outlines how Whole Foods’ U.S. Stores will require all personal care products and cosmetics making “organic” claims to be third-party certified by June 1st 2011. This points to the fact that there is a wide range of products out there making all sorts of ‘organic’claims in the U.S. With Melvita, we list the percentage of the ‘total ingredients from natural origin,’ and the ‘total ingredients from organic farming,’ on each of our products. There is no grey area for us.’

EcoCert doesn’t play around – according to our research, it audits all products, production sites, production processes and waste management systems on-site twice a year. Once during the year it arrives announced and the second time their auditors arrive unannounced. The USDA and its National Organic Program (NOP) has approved EcoCert certification.

In keeping with Melvita’s philosophy never to use any ingredients that might be harmful to the body or the Earth, it does not use any of the following Big No No Ingredients: Silicons, Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate, EDTA, phthalates, Formol Generators, Parabens, Phenoxyethanol, Troclosan, Mineral Oil or Chemical Sunscreens. Nada. Not in Melvita!

Melvita is now widely available in the U.S. Check the website for retail outlets: www.usa.melvita.com

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The Truth About “Non-Toxic” Nail Polish

26 Jun

Don’t let the labels fool you: Even so called “non-toxic” polish is still considered hazardous waste.

by Rachel Lincoln Sarnoff, www.EcoStiletto.com

Can nail polish be “natural?” Let’s get real: No matter how many eco-friendly labels get slapped on the bottle, most of these products do contain chemicals—some of which can be dangerous to our health, and to the environment. Don’t let those labels fool you: Even so called “non-toxic” polishes should be disposed of as hazardous waste according to Earth911.com.

Remember, unless a beauty product is USDA Certified Organic, its manufacturer is not required to list ingredients on the label. Which is why we get “fragrance,” and it can mean 3,100 different chems. Literally.

But what about “organic?” The word is defined by the Random House Dictionary as “noting or pertaining to a class of chemical compounds that formerly comprised only those existing in or derived from plants or animals, but that now includes all other compounds of carbon.”

Basically, “organic” material comes from formerly living substances and is not necessarily good for you. Think motor oil. Organic, yes. USDA Certified Organic, no.

But we digress. Even an ecoista uses nail polish once in a while. Here’s what you need to know:


Most of the major polish brands are going “big three free,” meaning they’ve taken the most well known toxic ingredients—formaldehyde, toluene and dibutyl phthalate (DBP)—out of their formulas. But some still contain chemical solvents, typically acetate derivatives (that’s the stuff that makes it stinky). And some have gotten flak for “hidden” ingredients like formaldehyde resin, which may not be listed on labels.


OPI is one of those brands: The industry’s biggest name has taken the toxic trifecta out of their best-selling polishes, but do include formaldehyde resin and acetate derivatives in their formulations. According to OPI chemist Paul Bryson, the difference between formaldehyde and formaldehyde resin can be confusing. “Formaldehyde is one of the raw materials that is used to make resin, but…when the resin is made, the formaldehyde molecule is torn apart: part of it becomes a water molecule and part of it is incorporated permanently into the resin molecule.” Not to get all chemical on your or anything, but Bryson also notes that formaldehyde’s highly reactive carbon-oxygen double bond also disappears in the process, meaning OPI’s big-three free polishes probably won’t blow up if you light them on fire. Bonus!



Orly revolutionized nails when founder Jeff Pink introduced the French manicure in 1975; daughter-in-law Shel Pink was one of the first—in 2004—to create a vegan polish that eliminated DBP, toluene, formaldehyde (and formaldehyde resin), and phthalate derivatives, synthetic dyes, parabens, and petrochemicals. Although the formulations do include butyl and ethel acetate, the color selection and hipness factor of SpaRitual polishes can’t be beat.


Paraben-free Firozé claims to be the first polish company to have taken out DBP (in 1999). Their polishes do include butyl and ethel acetate but no toluene, formaldehyde or formaldehyde resin. Firozé also fortifies their polishes with herbs, vitamins, essentials oils and soy and rice polymers; their acetone-free polish remover is made with corn. And they never, ever test on animals.

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