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Bumble and Bumble’s Doc on Vidal Sassoon

12 Jan

Directed by: Craig Teper

Produced by: Michael Gordon and Jackie Gilbert Bauer

A feature documentary spanning 80 years of revolution in culture, as told through the life of one extraordinary man, VIDAL SASSOON THE MOVIE is the revealing and inspirational story of how one man changed the world with a pair of scissors.

VIDAL SASSOON THE MOVIE is a true rags-to-riches tale, tracing Sassoon’s path from a London orphanage to international success and celebrity.

Producer Michael Gordon, founder of natural hair care company Bumble and Bumble, first set out to document Vidal’s life in a richly visual book about icons in the world of hairdressing.


What started as an 80th birthday tribute to Sassoon became a movie when Gordon brought on director Craig Teper. While chronicling the fashion, style and social revolutions of the 1960s, VIDAL SASSOON THE MOVIE shows how Sassoon revolutionized the world of hair with his pioneering, geometric, Bauhaus-inspired styles and “wash and wear” philosophy, literally changing the way women look and cut their hair today.

Phase 4 Films will release VIDAL SASSOON THE MOVIE in New York on February 11th, 2011 and in Los Angeles on February 18th, 2011.


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2Moss Hair Spa Gives Good Hair Therapy

30 Sep

By Paige Donner

“When a woman walks into a salon, usually she’s asked ‘Cut or color?’ When a woman walks into 2Moss, we ask her, ‘What shall we do today for the beauty and health of your hair?”

So explains Mme. Elyane Moschos, the petite Parisian whose vision to create a line of natural hair care products devoted primarily to the health and overall well-being of a person’s head of hair led her to also develop this Hair Spa concept, 2Moss.

Truly apart from any hair salon I’ve ever had the occasion to visit, L’instant 2Moss is billed as L’institut du Bien-Etre et de la Beaute du Cheveu. In translation that means, Institute for the Beauty and Well-being of Your Hair. Everything that happens here is about your hair, from roots to tips.

Hair Therapy

What makes it so different? First of all, when you arrive, you are welcomed into your own private Spa room with dimmed lights and the faint aromatherapy from the salon products themselves – elegant, clean with a slight hint of peppered fruit, macadamia and Rosier Muscat. You are asked to disrobe from the top up and given a comfortable, draping cape to put over yourself as you sink into the specially imported massage chairs from Japan and prop your feet up on the elevated footrest.

L’instant Absolu is one of the 2Moss hair spa services designed to invite you in to a deep hair therapy session and still get you out in time to get back to work or pick up the kids after school. The session itself is 45 minutes and consists of a generous application of 2Moss deep conditioning oil treatment followed by a head, neck and shoulder massage. Once the oil has really penetrated deep into the scalp and roots, your chair is reclined and your neck is placed into the salon sink where your hair is washed not once, but twice, and followed by another deep application of conditioning treatment which is left on your hair as your head is wrapped in a warm towel. At this point, the esthetician asks, what type of tea would you like? The whole treatment is finished up with a Blow-dry done so expertly that it looks like you’ve just spent the last 4 hours at the salon instead of the 1 hour and 10 minutes that has actually passed.

Just now at the start of the Paris Spring/ Summer Fashion Shows 2010, and I can think of a couple dozen hundred women who could use some serious hair therapy. Honestly, this is the type of head therapy that can really make you feel lots better – instantly. Beauty industry experts frequently ask women what is the one beauty treatment that makes a woman feel more beautiful right away? Nails? Facial?…Hair always comes out the winner. A woman feels beautiful when she feels well-coiffed. 2Moss takes it that much farther, making you feel well-cared for all the way down to your roots…and beyond!

Women who work under the lights, such as runway lights and film and TV set lights – models and actresses – know all too well the daily stress put on their hair from the constant blow-drying, the silicone infused products, the ammonia coloring, the pulling, the lacquering, the burning heat. We submit to this in order to look presentable, in order to feel beautiful.

L’instant 2Moss offers us another way to feel beautiful, from the inside out. You may walk into the spa (I hesitate to use the word salon as this is really more of a spa ritual, for the hair) with fried ends and lifeless hair, but you will walk out with ends that are supple, glossy, a scalp that is revitalized and a temptingly soft, touchable, bouncing head of hair. No cut, no color required, though, of course, optional. Ahead of the curve in the organic and natural beauty product trend, one line of the 2Moss shampoos and conditioners are developed for those of us who have roots that tend toward oily but ends that tend toward dry.

“We took the concept of a natural products-based hair salon and went just that much further,” explains Moschos, who first developed her EcoCert and CosmeBio certified products in 2002. She began by offering her line, two types of shampoo – Moisturizing and Moisture Purifying, two types of deep conditioners – Moisturizing for the tendency toward dry hair and Moisture Purifying for the oily or mixed hair, an oil deep penetrating treatment and a day cream, to existing salons and spas such as Termes de Monaco. She saw quick success with her line; So much so that she opened up her own Institute in 2007 in central Paris near the Madeleine.

The Institute For The Beauty and Well Being of Your Hair (L’institut du Bien-Etre et de la Beaute’ du Cheveu) is tucked away in a little pedestrian zone that is reminiscent of the small squares you find in the south of France. The Paparazzi Cafe is just across from 2Moss which is slightly ironic as this is one of those places where a celebrity would surely feel protected and tucked away. 2Moss has also graciously remembered to include men into their spa services with an offering called Bonne Mine and have also developed one for young mothers called Jeune Maman. Their must-have product is the Crème de Jour which Moschos recommends using on your hair as you would a daily cream on your face. Not difficult to do as it smells intoxicating, it’s 99.18% natural ingredient based, and it instantly repairs dry ends. L’instant 2Moss, a jewel of a Hair Spa…in Paris.5, Square de L’Opera Louis Jouvet, 75009 Paris, between the theatres Edouard VII and The Athenee

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