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Eco Basket by Lost Property of London

21 Aug

Elwin is their upcycled luxury eco basket bag made from fair trade coffee sack and natural hide handles. Think Sunday strolls through the market or chilling out on the beach.

Lost Property of London - Greening Beauty


Greening Beauty, Paris Mentioned in NY Times

9 Apr


This weekend’s Travel Edition of the NY Times has an article about Eco Paris. In it is mentioned Greening Beauty favorites…

Honoré des Prés is a boutique parfumeur that offers organic, phthalate- and chemical-free scents (available in Printemps’ Scent Room, 64, boulevard Haussmann;

Read Full Interview with Founder Christian David on Greening Beauty by Paige Donner

Merci, a Greening Paris fave!

Jewelry Ethical Luxury uses mercury- and cyanide-free precious metals sourced from open-air mines in Colombia (sold at Colette, 213, rue St.-Honoré; The home décor shop Merci sells eco-friendly items like Jérôme Dreyfuss’s “agricouture” bags and disposable plates made from biodegradable sugarcane pulp (111, boulevard Beaumarchais;

From Greening Paris…

If you pick up a Weekend Edition of the NY Times Travel section today, you will find inside a wonderful article highlighting some of Paris’s green-friendly programs. Of special interest is the fact that Paris ranks number 10 as a Green City according to a report referenced at the 2009 UN Conference.

Most of the Green Points highlighted in the article have been written about already here on Greening Parisand also on our affiliate blog, Local Food And Wine. Both are published by Paige Donner c. Paige Donner, Ed-in-Chief.


It’s wonderful to see, this Eearth Month 2011, that the NY Times, of which the International Herald Tribune is its global edition, sat up and took notice of what Paris is doing in a green-friendly way!

NY Times Article, HERE

You can also read it in Print in the April 10th 2011 edition of Travel Section.

Read all about the World’s Green Trends on The Green Blog Network.


Recycle, Reuse, Rejoice!


Greening Beauty Winter DIY Warm Ups

10 Feb

Try some of these DIY beauty recipes from our friends at Campaign For Safe Cosmetics. For more Tips and Recipes, click HERE.

Greening Beauty



Bvlgari, The Golden Globes and Save The Children

17 Jan

Bulgari launched a unique silver and ceramic ring modelled after the famed line in October 2010, with $75 from each ring benefiting Save the Children.


Julianne Moore wears Bvlgari, Golden Globes 2011 – Getty Images
Piper Perabo wears Bvlgari, 68th Annual Golden Globes – Getty Images


For 2010-2011, Bulgari has made an additional commitment of $7.4 million to Save the Children to help fund education programs, healing and education through the arts, teacher training, and other related programs in China, Colombia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Haiti, Indonesia, India, Ivory Coast, Kenya, South East Europe, Southern Sudan, Uganda and the United States.

  • Actress JULIANNE MOORE, nominated for Best Actress in a motion picture (Comedy or Musical) wore:
  • 2 yellow gold and diamond  (total weight 79+ cts) necklaces from Bulgari’s High Jewelry Collection
  • 2 emerald  (total weight 21+ cts) and diamond rings from Bulgari’s High Jewelry Collection
  • 1 vintage gold Bulgari Melone handbag, from Camilla Dietz Bergeron, Ltd.
  • Actress PIPER PERABO, nominated for Best Actress in a Television Series (Drama) wore:
  • Emerald cut diamond  (total weight 10+ cts) stud earrings from Bulgari’s High Jewelry Collection
  • White gold, PVD and diamond  (total weight 6+ cts) cocktail ring from Bulgari’s High Jewelry Collection
  • White gold and diamond (total weight 29+ cts) bracelet from Bulgari’s High Jewelry Collection
Actress Hayley Atwell, nominated for Best Actress in a Mini-Series or Motion Picture (Made for Television) – Getty Images

Recognizing that education has the power to transform lives, Bulgari has since 2009 partnered with leading non-profit organization Save the Children to provide quality education opportunities for the world’s most vulnerable children. In 2009, Bulgari raised over $9 million to support education programs and teacher training in Afghanistan, China, Colombia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Haiti, Indonesia, Ivory Coast, Southern Sudan, Uganda and countries in South East Europe. Proceeds from the sale of a much celebrated silver anniversary ring contributed to Save the Children’s Rewrite the Future campaign, which targeted support for over 10 million of the world’s children.

Photos Courtesy Getty Images

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Bumble and Bumble’s Doc on Vidal Sassoon

12 Jan

Directed by: Craig Teper

Produced by: Michael Gordon and Jackie Gilbert Bauer

A feature documentary spanning 80 years of revolution in culture, as told through the life of one extraordinary man, VIDAL SASSOON THE MOVIE is the revealing and inspirational story of how one man changed the world with a pair of scissors.

VIDAL SASSOON THE MOVIE is a true rags-to-riches tale, tracing Sassoon’s path from a London orphanage to international success and celebrity.

Producer Michael Gordon, founder of natural hair care company Bumble and Bumble, first set out to document Vidal’s life in a richly visual book about icons in the world of hairdressing.


What started as an 80th birthday tribute to Sassoon became a movie when Gordon brought on director Craig Teper. While chronicling the fashion, style and social revolutions of the 1960s, VIDAL SASSOON THE MOVIE shows how Sassoon revolutionized the world of hair with his pioneering, geometric, Bauhaus-inspired styles and “wash and wear” philosophy, literally changing the way women look and cut their hair today.

Phase 4 Films will release VIDAL SASSOON THE MOVIE in New York on February 11th, 2011 and in Los Angeles on February 18th, 2011.


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The Stella App

6 Jan

Stella’s New Fasion App: The app contains an article on artist Barry Reigate, whose drawings are also featured on the homepage of the newly redesigned Stella McCartney website, an indepth look on Land Art today, a medium that uses nature as inspiration, All this and News, Videos, and photos from recent events and presentations.

The Ipad App features original content about the World of Stella McCartney. The launch issue features a “What’s News” section highlighting the latest updates about the brand, including a first look at backstage at the recent Summer 2011 show in Paris and an exclusive performance by Pharrell Williams and N*E*R*D at the after party. Editorial stories such as: “Stella’s Diary” on the day of her Spring 2011 presentation in New York consisting of an animated collage by artist Jeremy Kost; the debut of “In the Park,” a video directed by Alasdair McLellan with music by Brian Eno with Dree Hemingway in the most iconic looks from the Winter collection.

Interactive stories include an interview with the world’s tennis number 1, Caroline Wozniacki, the face of the Adidas by Stella McCartney tennis collection and a fun and playful story on the recently launched Stella McCartney Kids collection by Ryan McGinley.

Bonus: You can even get your own Farabella iPad Case:

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Nigel Barker’s Beauty Equation

3 Jan

by Nigel Barker

Over the years, I have had the opportunity to see beauty in almost every form. Whether it is on set with a model, at home with my wife and kids or even in the heart of Africa filming Generation Free, I am constantly surprised and confronted with the many elements that make up beauty. I am now ready to share these elements with you in my first book, Nigel Barker’s Beauty Equation.

Casting aside conventional rules, I draw on 20 years of experience in the beauty business and 13 seasons of judging America’s Next Top Model to unleash the 10 essential elements that make up true beauty: Allure, Confidence, Compassion, Spontaneity, Radiance, Health, Honesty, Charm, Energy + Humor.

As you discover your Beauty Equation, I will guide you through a series of instructive teaches and self-portraiture challenges that will reveal a better and more beautiful you. On your journey, you will make a portfolio of photos, words, and inspiration detailing how truly beautiful you are and can be.

Just like the dynamic portfolio of a top model, filled with a full range of their best shots, your portfolio will highlight your best attributes and show the true you. You can choose to keep this portfolio private, or you can share it with the Beauty Equation community online at Here, you can post your work, track your Beauty Equation progress, and share your experiences with other readers from around the globe!

Nigel Barker’s Beauty Equation hit stores last September. Visit

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Happy Eco-Beautiful Holidays!

16 Dec

Greening Beauty & Greening Hollywood’s Gift Guide, Holidays 2010

After you’ve donated to the water/earth/tree/sky/animal/children/developing world/urban community/greenspace et al. charities of your choice this season, here are some feelgood treats for your loved ones…and for you!

Roses et Chocolat

This delightful hand-made, artisanal chocolate is crafted singlehandedly by Rachel, the owner of Vancouver’s CocoaNymph. It is one of the only chocolate shops in the world I’ve been in that invites you to stay and savor a cup of hot chocolate before making off with your carefully culled cocoa concoctions.

Talika Eye Dream

The Expert of Specific Treatments, Talika is a Paris based cosmeceutical company that excels at boosting your attributes. Whether that’s bust firming and lifting, or eyelash elongating or, as we recommend for a lovely and illuminating look for the holidays, their Eye Dream product. It comes fashioned in its own applicator so need to dip in fingers, it provides your eye area with exactly the right amount of dosage and a smooth applicator that soothes as it spreads the light cream. Ingredients are: Peptides, Dipeptides, Soybean Protein Extract, Floral Waters of Lime and Orange, Horse Chestnut Extract, Vitamin F.  When you wake up puffiness around the eyes are reduced and eye contour area is thoroughly moisturised and smoothed.

Ojon Hair Products

Ojon Winter Shine & Protect Products

Sustainable harvesting allows Ojon to share the treasures of the rainforest without destruction or depletion of the resource.  The naturally derived ingredients used in their products, such as the Winter Shine & Protect line, are all harvested, sustainably, from the rainforest. Their Shine & Protect glossing mist is fortified with Ojon Oil, Broccoli Seed Oil, Wheat Germ and Sweet Almond Oil. And…it works! Sold exclusively at Sephora. Available in Canada, Australia, U.S., U.K. and Germany.

Four Cow Farm Calendula Remedy
The ONLY Calendula-infused olive oil balm on the market which is made from 80% organic Calendula-infused olive oil. All others are much lighter creams or tinctures (which are steeped in alcohol and can be very drying). It’s been formulated to soothe inflamed or irritated skin, or skin prone to dryness or eczema and was our first product, designed for a naughty toddler with eczema. It is the richest, most soothing 100% natural balm currently on the market. It can also soothe baby’s dry skin conditions and eczema.
Four Cow Farm  products are made with 100% renewable energy on their green energy farm, and their bottles and jars are made from light, 100% recyclable materials.  Four Cow Farm, Australia
Patyka Huile Absolue
Patyka Huile AbsolueThis face and body serum smells so good you can use it as a perfume; it is so effective that you can use it as a first aid remedy for minor cuts and abrasions. Made from 11 essential oils and plant oils,  it is super anti-oxidizing for the skin. You can use it on the face, on your body and also as a deep-oil conditioning treatment for your hair.
Made in France, Eco Cert and CosmeBio
Ayala Moriel Parfums
Inspired by a poem, Ayala chose to create her Hanami perfume around the themes of subtle and urbane, flowers and dusty dirt. She recreated the dusty, urban landscape of the Metro by using Cabreuva, siamwood and cassie to achieve the metallic scent of wet train tracks.  Vetiver and bakul attar contribute their dusty notes, and then cherry blossoms are represented by an accord of vanilla, tonka bean, pink lotus and magnolia. Perfumes are all natural based and the glass used is French-sourced bottles of recycled and recyclable glass.
Luminosity, Radiance, Instantly Healthy. Iroisie’s Instant Beauty Fresh Mask will bestow on your complexion all of these gifts and more. It is formulated with the purest ingredients harvested from the sea and the country in France. A quick Eco Beauty pick-me-up, you will notice your face toned, brightened and glowing with Iroisie products. EcoCert and CosmeBio
For Our Men…

Express Male by Origins is a nice tidy package of natural and clean personal grooming products that make a chic gift for your metrosexual male.  Skin conditioning Kukui Nut oil and Smoothing Soybean oil will have his razor gliding nearly hands-free across his stubbly square jaw. Fire Fighter® takes the burn out of shaving and is loaded with Chamomile, Cucumber and Winterbloom.  Available at all Origins stores.
VitaZing ™ SPF 15 Energy Boosting Moisturizer

In a recent interview with Live Science®, one of the researchers behind a study noted in theDecember 2009 International Journal of Primatology, Ian Stephen explains, “effectively health1and attractiveness are pretty much the same thing .” In the study, to optimize the healthyappearance of male and female subjects, rosiness, yellowness and brightness were improvedin digital photographs. The study revealed that these changes to the skin “enhance theperceived health of human faces.” In a world where many of us work long days (andsometimes nights), do not get enough water or nutrients, or perhaps, have little ones at home,how is it possible to achieve a rosy, bright, healthy glow, instantly?
Powered by Nature: VitaZing™ SPF 15 Energy-boosting moisturizer with Mangosteen is formulated with aunique skin tone perfecting mineral pigment technology that visibly transforms skin, instantly.VitaZing™ SPF 15 Energy-boosting moisturizer with Mangosteen appears un-tinted whenfirst massaged onto skin, and then it releases a subtle, sheer hint of color to even and enhanceskin tone, providing a flawless, fresh radiance, so skin appears naturally perfected.
Eco Gift Wrapping

Recycled gift-wrapping tissue from Calligrane at 6, rue du Pont Louis Philippe, Paris. And best to replace those unrecyclable ribbons and bows with…torn strips of old t-shirts strung with cool, found beads and other objets bijoux that you find. Now there’s a gift fit for a Queen or a King!

Wishing you Happy Holidays, a Very Merry Christmas and

A Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Greening Beauty, Greening Hollywood and The Whole Green Blog Network!!!

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Green or Grey Fashion?

7 Dec

Cathy Amouroux is a 22 year old fashion designer and stylist living in Paris. She is a guest blogger for Greening Beauty. More at: at:

[Editor’s Note: Use a web-based translator, such as Chrome, to read the article in English]

by: Cathy Amouroux

Mon cœur balance. Il est dur d’assouvir ses envies créatives tout en se demandant en permanence si notre démarche est responsable ou non.

Je me suis déjà intéressée à la mode équitable en travaillant avec Cruselita, jeune marque de bijoux et d’accessoires engagée dans la protection de notre environnement et des conditions de travail de ses fabricants. Cette démarche limite les possibilités créatives à cause du choix plus restreint des matières. Mais la beauté de l’enjeu compense largement cette réduction des moyens: les produits obtenus ont une richesse particulière que les produits classiques n’ont pas.

D’un autre côté je suis, je l’avoue, friande de la « grey fashion ». Lorsque je préparais ma dernière collection, je suis littéralement tombée sous le charme des fournisseurs Schoeller Textiles et American Supply. Loin des classiques sergés de coton, on trouve chez eux des matières exceptionnelles, des tissages et maillages hors du commun, et des couleurs absolument introuvables ailleurs. Je trouve que l’utilisation d’une de ces matières se suffit à elle même pour donner un cachet particulier à toute création.

Malheureusement, il y a de quoi se sentir coupable quand on achète de tels matériaux, car leur mode de fabrication est souvent polluant !

J’ai alors voulu me pencher sur la question suivante : peut-on trouver des textiles funs ET écologiques ?

Récemment encore, pour moi éco textiles évoquaient souvent monotonie et fadeur. Blanc, beige, kaki, marron…à des kilomètres de mon univers.

Je me suis alors dit que non, c’est impossible, les prouesses technologiques ne peuvent pas s’arrêter là. J’ai donc décidé de mener ma propre petite enquête auprès de mes deux favoris cités plus haut.

Après avoir pris rendez-vous avec Schoeller textiles, j’ai été chaleureusement reçue par Mme Emmanuelle Vallée-Beauvais, représentante du fournisseur en France.

Cette dernière m’a fait découvrir la gamme proposée par la société sœur de Schoeller appelée Bluesign, qui garantit le meilleur rapport entre technicité et respect de l’environnement. Et à ma grande surprise, je suis repartie avec une bonne dizaine d’échantillons incroyables sous le bras. En voici un aperçu:


Légende photo 1 : De la couleur et des surfaces surprenantes.

Quant à mon deuxième favori American Supply, après quelques prises d’informations, j’ai découvert que la marque s’engage de plus en plus dans le respect de notre planète en consignant ses créations dans une charte de responsabilité environnementale.

Le fournisseur utilise en effet des plastiques végétaux recyclés ou recyclables, des colles végétales, ou encore des matériaux composites à base de déchets industriels détournés.

American Supply a également montré récemment son engagement en offrant sa créativité à la dernière campagne de publicité EcoFolio, l’éco-organisme des papiers qui organise, finance et accompagne la collecte, le tri et le recyclage des papiers.

Enquête conclue avec succès: le beau et l’extraordinaire peuvent aller dans le sens du respect et d’un engagement responsable.

Cathy Amouroux is a 22 year old fashion designer and stylist living in Paris. She has already worked alongside such fashion greats as: Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, Maxime Simoens and also Ostwald Helgason in London. At the same time, she has been working on creating her own designs and imprinting her own aesthetics on her fashion collections. You can see more from Cathy at:

Greening Beauty



Max Havelaar France and Gossypium U.K. Mean Business for Fair Trade Cotton

21 Nov

By Paige Donner

Gossypium is an example of a company that put the horse before the cart.  Founded by Abigail and Thomas Petit in 2000, Gossypium is a clothing and textile manufacturer based out of the U.K. that is specialized in organic and Fair Trade cotton.

Often, you will find that companies focus on either Fair Trade or Organic when it comes to ethical practices. When the focus is on Fair Trade cotton, the primary concern is for the farmer and that they, and their families, are able to earn a living wage from their daily endeavors. Oftentimes, in these instances, emphasizing that the cotton farmed and sold to industrial manufacturers be organic can actually work against the Fair Trade farmers because they are then priced out of the market.

Gossypium from the U.K. and Max Havelaar France are both Fair Trade cotton Heros.

Abigail and Thomas Petit decided to do it all. They began by spending two years in India back in 1998 where they set up a partnership with Agrocel, an organization that has defined and branded a cotton fiber that is distinctive for its high quality.

Agrocel® Pure & Fair Indian Organic Cotton is cultivated from 12 rural service centers across India and works with a selected group of local farmers.  At each center, there is a team of agronomists who monitors growing to International Organic Standards.

It was only after the Petits set up this chain of Fair Trade supply that they returned to the U.K. where they began their clothing and textile brand, Gossypium, using this high quality, organic and Fair Trade sourced cotton. It has since established itself as one of the U.K.’s leading ethical brands.

Fair Trade cotton pyjamas by Gossypium. High quality textiles, aloe vera finish. Fair Trade ethics.

Abigail Petit attended a Fair Trade cotton conference in November hosted by Max Havelaar in Paris and held at the Mairie de Paris (city hall) which sits just across from Notre Dame.  Max Havelaar is the Fair Trade organization in France, and though it sounds like the name of a Rock Star, in fact it is a non-profit organization that is rockin’ the world of ethical and fair trade markets.

Max Havelaar organizers of the event invited key industry attendees to a dinner the evening before the conference so they could hear firsthand what some of the concerns and questions are as the Fair Trade market develops further and enters more widely into mainstream textile markets.

France has quietly but powerfully been moving forward on these fronts: The entire French Post Office Corps., “La Poste,” is clothed in uniforms that are manufactured from Fair Trade cotton sourced textiles. The manufacturing company is Amor Lux. Max Havelaar has been a key organization in getting these sorts of strategic partnerships flowing.

From Abigail Petit concerning the Conference at the Mairie de Paris held early in November 2010:

“The secret is out! The cotton farmers are not happy! We are not paying them enough for their cotton. It was great to have the farmers represented at the recent Max Havelaar Conference in Paris, but there is only one solution- LOVE Your COTTON! We do at Gossypium, we respect the amazing fabric that our Indian farmers provide for us and lovingly use it to make our cosy pyjamas here in Lewes, U.K. We are so proud to say that they are Fairtrade, organic, Aloe Vera Finished cotton. Get them on!”

And from their website:

Our vision is that the making and wearing of textiles is indeed a pleasant and beautiful global occupation, not at all at odds with a socially fair or environmentally sustainable world, and we set out to create trade in textiles according to these principles. – Gossypium Founders

Abigail Petit is well-known internationally as a leader in ethical and Fair Trade sourced textiles. Thomas Petit’s family has been in textiles in Paris since the French revolution and he brings to Vericott Ltd., the parent company of Gossypium, knowledge of design and branding.

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