Good Earth Body Care For Earth Month

23 Mar


Treat your entire body to a delicious and sumptuously organic and good for you treat this Earth Month. Good Earth Body Care is a homemade beauty product line that treats your inner wellbeing while also caring for your outer beauty.

Have you ever used an organic essential oil mister and wondered why you all of a sudden feel lifted and your emotions boosted after a small little spritz? It works like this:

The tiny molecules of essential oils easily penetrate the skin, and are picked up by the blood stream and spread through out the body. They also enter the body through sensitive cells that line the nose, and directly affect the limbic system of the brain –controller of emotions and the major functions of the body. – Cathy Moore, Founder of Good Earth Body Care




Cathy is from Ashland, Oregon where she sells her Organic Clear Release Mist, Lavendar Face Cream, Rose Face Cream, Healing Skin Salve and a range of other intoxicatingly natural products at the local markets.

She has spent her time researching the natural properties of the plants, flowers and essential oils that she uses in her line of treatments. For example, the Organic Clear Release Mist “Calms nervous system, releases negative emotions and clears subconscious stress.” All with a little spritz. And they come in handy purse-sized or desk-sized bottles so you can be ready with a dose of essential oils for those moments when your day gets a little cloudy.

Here are some of the ingredients Cathy uses in her products:

Origin: Leaves and sometimes fruit and bark of the ravensare tree.
Benefits: Warming and revitalizing. Helps with flu, bronchitis, viruses and shingles.
Used in this Good Earth product: Cold &Flu Body & air Mist

Origin: Fresh petals of the rose.
Benefits: Soothing, comforting, anti-depressant, and a heart tonic. Helps with dry, mature skin, sensitive skin, wrinkles and stress.
Used in this Good Earth product: Rose Face Cream

Origin: Powdered, dried roots and heartwood of the sandalwood tree.
Benefits: Soothing, relaxing, grounding, purifying, and a sedative to the nervous system. Helps depression, nervous tension, and stress.
Used in this Good Earth product: Clear Release Body & Air Mist

Origin: Leaves and twigs of the tea tree.
Benefits: Penetrating, stimulating, and refreshing. Helps with athlete’s foot, burns, cold sores, insect bites, oily skin, and rashes.
Used in this Good Earth product: Healing Skin Salve

Origin: Leaves and flowers of the thyme herb.
Benefits: Stimulating, refreshing, and purifying. Helps with colds and flu.
Used in this Good Earth product: Cold & Flu Body & Air Mist

Origin: Roots of vetivert grass.
Benefits: Soothing, grounding, and sedating to nervous system. Helps with depression, nervous tension, and releasing deep fears.
Used in this Good Earth product: Clear Release Body & Air Mist

Origin: Fresh flowers of the ylang ylang tree.
Benefits: Soothing, calming, and sedating. Helps with acne, irritated, and oily skin.
Used in this Good Earth product: Lavender Face Cream

This Earth Month go ahead, pick some Good Earth products for yourself and for your Boss and maybe that co-worker too!

Greening Beauty




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