DIY Eco Beauty Recipes

7 Jul
Think Eco-Beauty’s Expensive? Not If It’s Free
You don’t need to make a special supermarket trip to find eco-friendly beauty. Go to the kitchen and grab sugar, eggs, honey and instant oatmeal. Go on, I’ll wait!
I love scrubs but don’t like that most of them contain oil. So I created this Essential DIY Scrub & Mask that I’m totally addicted to. You can even use it every day—okay I’m a little obsessive—and seriously your skin will never look better. When I use it regularly my blackheads disappear, my giant pores are smaller and my skin feels super soft and clean. Try it!
Essential DIY Scrub & Mask
Six tablespoons raw organic sugar
One free range organic egg white
One tablespoon organic honey
One packet plain instant organic oatmeal
Strain the egg white into a bowl (or mortar, if you’ve got one).
Add sugar and honey. Blend in the sugar with a fork (or pestle). Blend in the honey.
Then the oatmeal (leave it uncooked).
Now rub the mask into your skin in small circles. Some people think that sugar can be too harsh for the face, so if your skin is sensitive, please be gentle. I, on the other hand, have alligator skin. I like to put some muscle into it.
Once you’ve thoroughly exfoliated your face, just clump some more of the scrub onto it and let it dry for 10 to 20 minutes. (Make sure you’re wearing not-so-nice clothes, as it sometimes does fall off a bit.) Wash off, and presto, glow-o!
For more about how–and why–it works, plus a short-and-sweet video of me with what looks like barf on my face, please visit

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